Club History


Barden Ridgebacks Soccer Club (Inc.) was formed at its inaugural meeting on 15 October 1996. The Club was incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act (NSW) 1984 on 23 July 1997 and is an affiliate of the Sutherland Shire Junior Soccer Football Association Inc. which in turn is an affiliate of the NSW Amateur Soccer Federation.

First Committee

  • Paul Lehane (President)
  • Bob Campany (Vice President)
  • Phil Clancy (Secretary)
  • Jeff Mazzarella (Registrar)
  • Jeff Stewart (Treasurer)
  • Scott Whittaker
  • Jan Goodyear
  • Debbie Arkle
  • Michael Downey

Life Members

  • Paul Lehane
  • Phil Rolfe
  • Greg O'Rourke
  • Dave Neill
  • Grant Palmer
  • Garry Leech
  • Scott Howard

Objectives of the club

The Club is strongly family oriented and is committed to respect for the game of soccer and those involved with it.

These peak objectives were embodied in the Club’s Code of Conduct, introduced by the Committee in the 2000 winter season, requiring the Club and each of its members to:

  • encourage, promote and support fair play
  • know and observe the international & local laws of the game
  • respect all opponents, team-mates, officials and spectators
  • play to the best of ability and play to win
  • accept defeat with dignity
  • never resort to violence
  • promote the interests of soccer and the Club
  • be prepared to play, participate and volunteer
  • support the development of the game of soccer