As if our 21A's hadn't kicked enough goals this season with their ongoing State Cup campaign and run in to the Finals Series.

The following message was received by Referee Anthony Pirrello who adjuticated our boys in last weekend's State Cup match.

"Hi Lou Chandler

Pardon me Sir but I got your email address from your website.

My name is Anthony Pirrello. I was the appointed referee in the game today between Barden Ridgebacks and Gymea in their State Cup match today played at Schfields Park in the Blacktown District.

I myself am from Blacktown Referees Branch. I am writing to you to let you know that it was an absolute pleasure and treat to referee your under 21's today. Not only are they good footballers but they are great young men who hold themselves in a very mature way.

Your coach of the team, forgive me I don't know his name, was and is a true gentleman and needs to be commended on the way he runs his team. It was my privlidge to be in the center today. It was an absolute enjoyable game, however the rain made it difficult. Never the less it was thoroughly enjoyed by my part.

I would like to personally wish your 21's team all the best in the competition. Again Sir it was a pleasure to referee your team. I hope you pass this message on to them.

Regards Anthony Pirrello"

Monday, 27 June 2016 - 11:40am