Welcome to season 2021

WELCOME TO THE 2021 SEASON WITH Barden Ridgebacks FC
Barden Ridgebacks FC Registration IS OPEN for the 2021 season!


To Register you must first sign in to Playfootball.com.au (see links below), using the same method you used in previous years.  That is:
your email address; OR
your Facebook login; OR
your Google login.
Play Football will match your details (name and date of birth, etc).  If you used your email and have forgotten your password, simply follow the prompts in Play Football. If you have any difficulty the Support desk will assist you.

Here are links to help you get there faster:
MiniRoos 5-11 year-olds  MiniRoo Registration Link - https://registration.playfootball.com.au/common/pages/reg/welcomeregplus...
Juniors 12-18 year-olds  Junior Registration Link - https://registration.playfootball.com.au/common/pages/reg/welcomeregplus...
Seniors 19 years+ Senior Registration Link - https://registration.playfootball.com.au/common/pages/reg/welcomeregplus...
Team Coach/Team Manager/Committee Volunteer Registration Link - https://registration.playfootball.com.au/common/pages/reg/welcomeregplus...
Once you have Signed in, you’re ready to register yourself and any linked family members.

Team Preference Option: this is a time saver for our club volunteers, your compliance will be appreciated however, it’s not mandatory so if you are unsure simply skip it.  Please note that selecting an age above your age group will not guarantee placement.

*ALL Senior Players are required to Check the Team Preference box when registering, then select your 2020 Team/Coach.  EG. AL05 / Hunt.    2020 18s and 21s teams/players moving to higher age group will appear in the higher age group.  That is 18s in 21s, 21s in AL.

*ALL Junior Players are required to Check the Team Preference box when registering, then select your 2021 Age Group by year of birth, eg. U16 born 2005, W16 born 2005.

*ALL MiniRoos Players are required to Check the Team Preference box when registering, then select your 2021 Age by year of birth, eg. U8 Boys / Mixed, W8 Girls born 2013.

ALL NEW Senior Players are also required to Check the Team Preference box when registering, then select “New to Ridgebacks” option and we’ll be in touch.
How to Claim Family Registration Fee Rebate in 2021 online
Our family registration fee rebate must be claimed as follows:  A dependent family rebate of $30.00 for the 2nd family member, $60.00 for the 3rd family member, $90.00 for the 4th family member can be claimed while registering your family members. This is solely for the use of families with 2 or more children (U6-U16) registering to play with the Club in the current season. It is not for independent siblings to claim.

Family Rebate Products must be selected online while Registering noting the following:

Applicable only if you register online, all eligible dependent family members, selecting the applicable Family Rebate products while registering each member.
If you are using your Active Kids Voucher to Register a 5-6 year-olds you cannot apply a discount to this family member, they need to be your first registration.
You may choose to pay online or offline however Family Rebates must be claimed during the online registration process.
Any ineligible claims will delay the acceptance of your registration.  If you require assistance please attend one of our Manual Registration Days (See below for details.)
This year from Sunday 28th February we are only taking online payments so please have your credit/debit card ready to finish your registration. If you are unable to pay via an online method please follow the offline payment instructions and finalise your payment by 28th February.
Registration Assistance/ID Sightings/Face to Face Registration Days & Merchandise sales will be held at the Clubhouse on Saturday 30th January from 10am to 2pm.
If you are registering school age children please have your 2021 Active Kids Voucher ready to use for payment when finalising your registration.
Please use the above links to register with Barden Ridgebacks FC
Have your photo ready to upload (if required, ALL Players who are playing in U10/W10 age group must upload a current passport style photo to their profile.)
Have your Credit/Debit Card ready
Have your Active Kids Voucher number ready (if applicable)
Not sure How to Register? Helpful links and support can be found here How to Register
If you have any problems or queries with your online registration please contact Play Football Help or call 8880 7983
If you have any Club related queries please contact our Club Registrar via email:  [email protected]

FEES:  Registration Fees and Information visit: https://www.bardenridgebacks.com.au/
CLUBHOUSE OPEN: Saturday 30th January from 10am to 2pm for Registration Assistance, ID Sightings, Face to Face Registration Days & Merchandise Sales.
GRADING DATES:  Grading starts on Saturday 6th  February at Ridge 5 & 6
TRIAL DATES:  To be confirmed
SEASON STARTS:  Round 1 is on 10/11 April (no games on ANZAC Day)
LATE FEES: Come into effect from Monday 1st March
PHOTOS: All Players who are playing in U10/W10 age groups and ALL NEW players to SSFA U10/W10 and ABOVE MUST upload a current passport style to their profile.

Tuesday, 19 January 2021 - 8:25am